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Tap Dancing Links

Links to tap events include both tap classes and tap shows. Tap shopping links include sites that sell tap shoes and dancewear. Tap history links provides sites with information mostly about famous tap dancers throughout the years. Tap instructional methods lists links for purchasing instructional videos for both beginners and experts. Links highlighted with asteriks (**) are the most commonly visited. Additionally, listed below is ten popular dance studios in the New Jersey/New York area that offer tap lessons.

Tap Events | Tap Shopping | Tap History | Tap Instructional Videos

Ten NJ/NY Dance Studios that Offer Tap Lessons

Dance Stop
American Dance and Drama Studio
Kathleen Academy of Dance
Broadway Bound Dance Center
Cynthia King Dance Studio
Darcy's Academy of Dance
Jersey City Dance Academy
Marlboro Dance School
Sharon Miller's Academy for the Performing Arts

Tap Events

Swing 46
Provides more information about Buster Brown's Sunday Tap Jams in NYC. The site is a little onfusing, so it may be difficult for you to get the information you want.

**Tap Extravaganza
Currently needs to be updated, but when it is, it will include many summer tap events such as the National Tap Dance Day Celebration in New York. You can register for the National Tap Dance Day Celebration too this way. The celebration sounds pretty cool, so check it out.

Radio City Rockettes
Although it may not be immediately apparent, there are chances to go backstage, take classes, mock audition, etc. What IS immediately apparent are the tickets you can purchase to go and see the Christmas Show at Radio City. When you reach the Radio City page, keep your eyes open for "The Rockette Experience" and "auditions" if you are looking for dance experience.

**Broadway Dance Center
More information on open dance classes, inclduing tap taught by professionals such as Chez Sullivan, Germaine Salsberg, Bettye Morrow, and Savion Glover. Classes require you to register for a free dance card first.

42nd street on Broadway
42nd street is a very tap-based show, but also has a lot of good laughs in it too. Although it is currently not on Broadway, you can purchase tickets for the off-Broadway version here.

Thoroughly Modern Millie
Thoroughly Modern Millie is currently a touring show, not on Broadway. It is an old show that includes a lot of tap dancing and a great story line.

NJ Tap Ensemble
The New Jersey Tap Ensemble's most recently performed "First Stop on the A Train: A Celebration of Black Artists in Tap." They perform just about once a month, so you can check back here for their next performance.

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Tap Shopping

Capezio is a traditional company when it comes to dancers' needs, which is why this is a popular website. Check here for taps, shoes, and clothes. They sell just about everything you should need as a tap dancer.

Although I have no personal experience with this company, they provide good prices on dancewear if you are looking for a bargain. Purchases are categorized based on interests, (ballet, tap, ballroom dancing, etc.) which makes it convenient.

**Leo's Dancewear
Leo's dancewear has a good selection of tap shoes, but also carries traditional style shoes. This would probably be your best bet if you are looking for a good variety of tap shoes to choose from.

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Tap History

One of the most informative pages on tap history. Features famous tap dancers, both past and present and includes information about their individual styles and what shows they participated in.

A great site to get an overview on tap history, starting in 1650 with the clog shoe. It covers all of the major time periods, but never goes into any heavy detail about the performers or the venues.

Provides a lot of information about specific individual tap dancers. Starts in the form of an article with links you can click to obtain information about specific tap dancers mentioned. There are also opportunities to purchase music, videos, etc. if you want to learn more.

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Tap Instructional Videos

The best way to learn tap dancing is to get out there and do it: meet people, take classes, etc. but if you do not have time to do that often, instructional videos are a good option AND you can still learn from professionals.

The Bob Rizzo Video Catalog
Although it may appear somewhat corny, The Bob Rizzo Video Catalog provides top-quality instructional tapes. They are on the expensive side, but this is a trustworthy site to purchase videos from.

A very large selection of tap videos, also includes a detailed description of what each one is like. DVD's and videos are expensive. I have no personal experience purchasing from here.

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