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R U Tap Troupe Info
Interested in joining? Want to have us perform at your event?

Executive Board Information
Exec. board officers and choreographer contact info. Exec. board meeting notes: 9/18/06 8:28 pm.

Tap Dance Revolution
Tap dancing has become a lost art-form: a discussion on why tap dancing has been overlooked recently and what you can do to help.

Find more information about tap events, tap shopping, tap history, and tap instructional videos.

Calendar of Events
Check here for the most up to date semester information. Last updated on Monday, September 18, 9:17 pm!

Tap Troupe History and Pictures!
So what has the tap troupe been doing since its inception in Fall 2004? Click here to find out. Access to past show programs, pictures of members, etc.

Dance Instructions
A tutorial for beginners. Basic tap steps are explained to give you a solid foundation.

Whether you are new to tap dancing or an experienced professional, the RU Tap Troupe aims to educate about tap and increase awareness of tap opportunities in the New Jersey/New York area.